[FAN FILM] TMNT Intro Fan-Animation by Malcolm Sutherland

Kick off your morning with an awesome fan-animated (fanimated?) TMNT intro sequence by Malcolm Sutherland!

The soundtrack and spoken word are borrowed from the original TMNT film.

A tribute to the Ninja Turtles.. ever since I read the original black and white comics as a kid I have been a fan. In TMNT Vol. 1 by Mirage Studios they frequently had guest artists and almost every comic was a totally different style. In particular, when I read #37 and #42 By Rick McCollum & Bill Anderson it totally changed my life. No kidding! Those books are so beautiful, and are so intense and full of magic that they left a deep mark on me. Anyway, I always wanted to do a TMNT comic myself, but in the meantime here is a fan animation instead. I know its super nerdy to make fan videos but I don’t care, making this was like my 10 year old dreams come true. 

Although it’s my voice, the line that splinter says; “I am here, my son(s)” is from the first TMNT movie, made in 1990. It is one of my favourite moments because it always hits me as some sort of hidden zen-master-like riddle, as if he is actually saying “here we are, THIS is it” or something.

- Malcolm Sutherland

Malcolm Sutherland (Official) | (Vimeo)

[VIDEO] TMNT: Blood Brothers Teaser Trailer

Here is the official teaser for the Rose Brothers’ ‘TMNT: Blood Brothers’ fan film. The trailer was made on a budget of $200. The Rose Brothers are hoping to raise $40,000 for the production of the fan film by 6/10/12 via Indiegogo.

TMNT Party Van has already donated $25! Help the brothers and donate to the project at takebackthesewers.com!

[NEWS] Rose Brothers offer “Take Back The Sewers” Kickstarter to shoot TMNT Fan Film

With the news of the Michael Bay TMNT reboot, Nicholas and Ben Rose are hellbent on shooting their own TMNT fan film to compete against the giant. The brothers are looking to raise $40,000 in the next 45 days and NEED YOUR HELP!

Check out all the details and perks at the official ‘Blood Brothers’ Indiegogo page.

Even if you are excited to see what Bay has to offer the TMNT, who could resist another TMNT fan film?!

UPDATE: TMNTPartyVan.com has donated $25 to the project

Casey Jones Fan Film Debut

The Casey Jones Fan Film has been released! It is a gritty origin-story of everyone’s favorite hockey-masked vigilante featuring some awesome cameos of other TMNT universe characters including Michelangelo voiced by Robbie Rist, the original Michelangelo voice actor! The film can be viewed at the link below:


View the original teaser trailer below:

Fan Film: “Casey Jones”

Like the trailer? Live in the New York, NY area? This director is looking for a sound designer for the entire short. Check out the ad on Craigslist. $1000 could be all yours. Cowabunga!