[COSPLAY] Krang Android Body Cosplay Win

This awesome costume was built by RFP user TVsRobLowe for the 2012 RFP Costume Contest. Great job!

Source [Geekologie]

[ART] Fan-Made Michelangelo Costume

RPF users Dericrw and jacobzking put their creative minds together to create this stunning movie Michelangelo replica.

"… they made it piece by piece from clay, foam, and silicone among other materials. Their hard work is obvious when you examine the photos – the textures, color gradation, etc is all gorgeous.” - FashionablyGeek

Source: [RFP] via Obvious Winner, FashionablyGeek

[Photo] Probably the best Bebop and Rocksteady cosplay you will ever see!!!

Two incredible gentlemen put together these amazing Bebop and Rocksteady costumes and decided to head out to the bar. Looks like Rocksteady may have a little trouble with that beer :-/